Brayden, Age 13

Brayden was an active boy, who loved to surf, skateboard, and snowboard, (and was really good at all three!) In February of 2018, his family took him to Mt. Bachelor in Oregon during ski week so he could get some great snowboarding in. During their vacation, Brayden went over a jump and landed on his head.

Brayden was airlifted from the mountain to Bend then airlifted again after stabilizing at Randall Children’s Hospital in Portland, and left in a coma for 2 months while he recovered. His traumatic brain injury left him hemiplegic, with no usage of his right arm and right leg, although his right leg is already making amazing progress. His mother and father had to travel back and forth from California to Oregon, caring for their two younger daughters, while also being there for Brayden everyday.

He returned home after 3 months of rehabilitation, but was wheelchair bound. Our foundation has provided an amazing in-home caretaker 3 days a week so his mother can have a break and take her other children to their sports practices and appointments. We also provided a bioness device that helped Brayden regain strength in his right leg. Through his therapy and additional support we have provided, he is becoming more and more active again! He is back to doing the things he loves the most, skateboarding and surfing!