Cinnamon, Age 14

Cinnamon is a 14-year-old girl who was outgoing, loved school, enjoyed drawing, and was very helpful around the house until she was catastrophically injured in an auto accident.

In 2018, she was walking her two dogs in her neighborhood when a car ran a stop sign going 50-60 miles per hour and struck Cinnamon. She suffered from a hematoma and still has severe traumatic brain injury symptoms to this day. She has horrible headaches, body aches, blurred vision, anxiety, and panic attacks. She was no longer able to focus at school and had to transition to independent studies at home so that she can work at her own pace. Our foundation has stepped in to help Cinnamon and her mom.

We have awarded her a grant that will fund her much needed care. Help us make a difference in children’s lives who suffer from traumatic brain injuries and donate today!